Most Innovative New WordPress Plugins

WordPress (WP) is probably the most popular blogging tool that is used worldwide. It is free and an open source content management system that allows bloggers and professional developers to find ease in putting up websites loaded with great features. Many plugins that were developed in order to optimize the functionality of WP sites, but there are a few really innovative new WordPress plugins that are simply fantastic.

One of these innovative WP plugins is the Google XML Sitemaps. This allows you to generate a good XML sitemap that helps search engines to index your blog better. This is one essential plugin that has been seen by many to have a profound use in blogging and in professional websites, considering the importance of getting search engines to find your website faster and get ahead of the rest.

Another great WP plugin is the Fast Secure Contact Form. This is a plugin that allows you to provide a customizable contact form allowing your website visitors to send you an email. The plugin blocks spammers and there are no templates that you need to mess with. It is easy to use and greatly increases the functionality of your website.

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The Importance of Installing Secure WordPress Plugins

One of the cornerstones of WordPress is its plugins. Let’s face it; WordPress plugins are essential to every WordPress website or blog. To put it another way, it’s almost impossible to run a WordPress blog without them. The fact that they’re free is also a massive plus. But what are the cons? One of the main considerations you have to ask yourself is if you have just installed a safe plugin? WordPress plugin security never even crossed my mind until I made the mistake of installing one from an untrustworthy source.

Installing a safe plugin should be paramount when managing your website or blog. They are normally developed to make life easier and productive, and they normally do that. However, not all plugins are safe.

How to Make Sure You Have a Safe Plugin

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Keep Up Your Websites With Free WordPress Plugins

Website building requires a complete set of steps. You can’t get away with the development of your site easily. And even after your site is developed, you have to keep up with the updates, ensure it is secured, add new features through add-ons or plugins, maintain its appearance, and a couple of other factors. Talking about plugins, you need to look for the better ones, if not the best to soup up your sites. And if you are finding ways to reduce your costs, and then deploy free WordPress plugins. These plugins may be used to improve WordPress security, caching, RSS Subscription, contact forms, etc. Some of the major uses of plugins built with WordPress technologies are:

Google AdSense Related Extensions

Adding advertisements on pages, posts and websites is a source of earning profit for many website owners. There’s no hiding in that. But how do you manage the text alignment, a format of your ad, color of the elements etc? Or how do you actually insert a Google AdSense to your site? For those who know the trick, well and good. But for the ones who are still trying to find that answer, it is done with the help of plugins. There are many free WordPress plugins that make it as simple as A-B-C to insert a Google AdSense or manage its format.

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An Introduction to WordPress Plugins

Plugins are software components with different functions that can be incorporated into a WordPress website. They can expand functionality or include other features in your WordPress websites. Written in the PHP scripting language, WordPress plugins smoothly blend with WordPress. The saying “there’s a plugin for that” is commonly heard in the WordPress community. They help users by simplifying the process of adding features to their site even if they do not know a single code. Thousands of them can be downloaded at no cost at the official WordPress directory.

Site administrators can install or uninstall plugins from the administration area. They can download them, as well as install them manually with an FTP client.

Most of the plugins are free so it is important to keep in mind that they often do not include technical support. That is the reason why it is crucial to be careful in choosing the ones to install on your website. While a lot of plugins can practically do anything, some have better quality than others. To choose the best one, consider asking yourself a number of questions like when it was last updated. Does it work with the latest WordPress version? Do people receive answers whenever they ask support questions? What is its rating?

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